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A Life Well Lived by Della Brookshaw

We’re so excited and extremely proud to share that our very own Della Brookshaw has penned her autobiography, “A Life Well Lived”.

The book shows a glimpse into her incredible journey, from a young farm girl to a successful businesswoman and everyone’s favourite community figure. Well lived and well written – super proud moment for us all. 

Growing up on a small farm in North Staffordshire during World War II, Della experienced a childhood that many of us can only imagine. Her formative years were shaped by the simplicity of rural life, where horse-drawn ploughs were still the go-to for working the land. This early taste of country life and hard work would lay the foundation for her future endeavours.

As Della matured, she embraced the roles of wife and mother, with the same energy she would later bring to her business ventures. She became known for her excellent culinary skills (if you know, you know) and dedication to her family, but what would truly set her apart was her vision for the Plassey.

When Della first laid eyes on the Plassey, it was a struggling dairy farm in North Wales but she saw something special. Something that we’re sure many of you see too. And so, with a sprinkle of determination and a whole lot of hard work, she transformed that tired old farm into the thriving holiday park, retail village and golf course we know and love today! 

“A Life Well Lived” isn’t just words on a page. It’s packed with around 200 photos, showing everything from her childhood to how the Plassey has changed over the years. It’s like watching history unfold! 

Even after 60 years at the Plassey, Della is still as passionate as ever. Many of you will know that Della is always around, from gardening, or happy to stop and have a chat, sharing stories and showing everyone what makes the Plassey so special.

Can’t wait to start reading? If you’re visiting this summer, why not swing by and grab your copy right here from Plassey Stores? If you’re not in the area, don’t worry – you can also order it online from Amazon. 

All in all, Della’s book is more than just her personal story. It shows how dedication to family, community and hard work can lead to amazing things. It reflects what we value here at Plassey: working hard, thinking creatively and making sure our visitors have a great time!

So there you have it – a sneak peek at “A Life Well Lived.” It’s Della’s gift to us, sharing her memories and the story of how a simple farm became the Plassey we know and love. Happy reading everyone!

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