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A secure welcome awaits you here at Plassey Holiday Park…

As a five-star award-winning holiday park, we always look at how we can improve the fixture and fittings around the park, in order to maximise the full potential for the business and of course, for you, our guests.

It is important for us that we have the highest security all around the site and most importantly to the main entrance to the holiday park. We want to give our guests secure access throughout their stay, knowing those who should be on the park are safely welcomed in and out of the park at all times.

ANPR Security Barrier_PlasseyHolidayPark

With that being said, let us introduce you to a new permanent feature here at Plassey. He goes by the name of Andy, he is very quiet, but don’t let that fool you as he is extremely alert. Andy is the nickname for our new automatic number plate recognition camera with an automatic rising arm barrier.

Through the powers of Andy, the ANPR, it now means that when you arrive here at the park, you can stay in the warmth of your car and allow the automatic number plate recognition to grant you access to the park ready for check-in. The system captures an image of the vehicles number plate and then processes the information. If the number plate captured via the camera is an authorised one, automatic barriers will open and you will be permitted to enter or exit the holiday park.

Upon all bookings, you will now be required to provide your vehicle registration number, this will then allow you to pass through quickly, easily and safely throughout your stay.

Of course, if the number plate taken is not recognised by the ANPR system then access via the barrier is not permitted. Pedestrian access is permitted to enter Reception to follow the necessary process of checking in.

Remember to give Andy a big wave when you arrive!

Should you have any questions about checking in or staying on the park, please get in touch with us prior to your arrival.

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